Blue Class RE Work


Blue Class have been learning about the story of the Lost Sheep as part of our Religious Education learning. This is a very complex story for the children to understand. We are pleased with the progress that they have made in being able to explain the sequence of the story and what the possible meanings might be.

We started off our work by watching a video of the Lost Sheep story. This was a powerful short film with no words or speech involved. The pupils were able to describe what was happening as each scene developed.

Blue Class then held a class discussion to share their ideas about the story of the Lost Sheep. We discovered that the message is about someone who perhaps might need a little help. They could be lost and need a friend to help them find a path through their problems.

Each class member then completed a colouring exercise based around the story. We coloured the B panels on our picture blue, and the G panels green. In the middle we found that the image of a sheep appeared.

Blue Class have also completed a maze puzzle, guiding the Lost Sheep back to the Sheppard. You can listen to one of the Blue Class members recounting the Lost Sheep story in the podcast below.

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