Class 10 Geography Planning


Class 10 have produced some incredibly thoughtful work as part of our geography learning at Turney School. The students have been designing and planning a short holiday trip to anywhere around the world.

We started off this work by asking the children what the purpose of a holiday might be. We found that different people take holidays for different reasons – relaxation, exploration or entertainment.

The mode of transport is also something that Class 10 have been thinking about. We have looked at various options including flying, boat or train holidays.

Each Class 10 student was then asked to think about what type of holiday might appeal to them. We used the internet and various travel brochures to help research our work. The pupils were asked to find some specific activities in a certain location that would form part of their holiday schedule.

Each pupil has produced an incredibly detailed travel itinerary. We have been thinking about how much time we might have during our holiday, and what type of activities we could realistically fit in.

Class 10 are now in the process of designing a holiday brochure. Our research and ideas are being typed up and presented as a professional holiday brochure with plenty of images. Our task has been to make our itineraries look as appealing as possible.

Elsewhere in Class 10 and the pupils have been perfecting their trampoline routines as part of our PE lessons. Tuck jumps and star shapes have been our main focus. Sequencing these together into an effective routine has been our challenge. The students have also been asked to demonstrate how any detailed trampolining routine also needs a calm, controlled landing.

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