Class 2S Group Work


Class 2S have been making some wonderful progress learning skills that help us to work together in groups. We have talked in class about why it is important for our friends to be able to work together and share in our achievements. It may be that a friend is able to help us overcome a problem, or perhaps we could help out.

To help develop these teamwork skills, a number of table activities were set up in Class 2S. Lego Therapy remains an incredibly popular and powerful way for the students to achieve together throughout Key Stage 2 and 3 at Turney School.


This activity involves a small group working together to achieve a set outcome. One member reads out the instructions:

Find one big red brick.

Communication in Print is used as an extra resource to help explain what is required of the other members of our group. Once the brick has been found by a friend, we then add this to our Lego tower.

Vocabulary such as same, different, put or place have been introduced. We always share in our group success at the end of the exercise, congratulating each other on offering a skill to help complete the task.

Other group activities have also been rotated in Class 2S. The What Goes Together Game has been another popular learning resource. This involves a random set of toy objects being introduced from inside a box. Each group member has an activity sheet in which to match up which items go with the images in front of them. An example might be a toy bee and a picture of a beehive, or a car and a picture of a garage.

We ask the pupils to first identify what they can see when the object is introduced out of the box. Class 2S have been helping their friends to locate an object on their sheet if it doesn’t fit in with the themes on our own sheet. Questions about each object are asked throughout. Letters and sounds of words are emphasised.

You can watch a couple of the Class 2S members taking part in the What Goes Together Game in the video below.

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