Easter in Orange Class

Orange Class have been preparing for the Easter celebrations with a number of creative activities. The children have been learning about the features that we can find on the face of an Easter bunny. Each class member has carefully cut out the outline and facial parts for an Easter bunny. We have assembled these together, and then used this as a resource for the children to describe what they can see:

How many ears does your bunny have? What colour are the eyes? Where is the nose on the Easter bunny?

This has also been an exercise that encourages the Orange Class pupils to ask confidentially for any resources that they might need. Rather than simply handing out the scissors and glue, we have been expecting the Orange Class to feel confident in making the request to an adult.

The pupils have also made a selection of incredibly colourful Easter bonnets. We asked Orange Class what type of designs would they like to see on their bonnets. The children made their own decisions on how to decorate their special Easter hats.

An Easter worksheet has also been completed by each Orange Class member. Tasks included drawing as accurately as possible the shape of an Easter egg, as well as writing a short description about our work.

One young Orange Class member talks us through his Easter bunny creation in the video above.

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