Yellow Class Literacy

Yellow Class have been learning how to respond to questions that start with what, who or where during recent literacy lessons. We read and shared a piece of text within our small groups. This told the story of how a teddy bear was put in a dustbin by a dog. There is a happy ending, plus plenty of opportunities for the pupils to answer questions based around the development of the plot.

This was also an exercise in helping Yellow Class to construct complete sentences:

What did the dog do?

The dog put the teddy bear in the bin.

The pupils have been reminded how we write our sentences from left to right. They have also being paying attention to capital letters and ending the sentences with a full stop.

Questions were constantly asked at every stage of the story in our small groups. Repetition is a great way for the pupils to feel comfortable with any new piece of text. Constant referral to the original story was also used. If the pupils needed any help we asked them to look at the pictures and describe what they could see.

A worksheet was completed by the Yellow Class children based on the story. It provided an account of our understanding of the sequence of events. You can watch one of the Yellow Class pupils sharing her work in the video above.

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