Choir Rehearsals

School Choir

The Turney School Choir is starting to prepare for the Leaver’s Assembly that will take place later on during the summer term. This is always a special moment in the Turney calendar when we remember the contribution that the departing Class 11 students have made to our school. It is fitting that we wish them well with some fine songs!

We started off a recent Choir session with a vocal and physical warm up led by our Musical Director Miss Bond. Plenty of shaking, clapping and stretches make sure that we are all in the right mood ahead of the music learning that is to come.

A joyful rendition of Mexican Wave followed, and then it was time to prepare for the Leaver’s Assembly. Miss Bond has chosen Take That’s Greatest Day as a special song to sing during the assembly. There is a powerful message in the lyrics, encouraging everyone to keep on trying and to make the most of our talents – the perfect song for the Class 11 leavers!

Our early rehearsals concentrated on learning the lyrics, and then matching these up with the melody. Debbie was able to add her superb signing skills to help make the practice accessible for all students. Some percussion was added as the song started to take shape. We even had some lively dancing at the front of the school hall from some of the choir members.

This is very much a work in progress. We hope that the song will be completely polished when it comes to say farewell to the Class 11 students. You can listen to an early rehearsal of the Greatest Day in the recording below.

School Choir

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