Class 2S Music Video

Class 2S have made some superb progress as we continue with our musical work to help narrate a story. The pupils have been using the familiar story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to help create a simple musical composition that matches the mood of each sequence in the story.

We started off our work by designing a storyboard to display each of the main scenes in the story. Class 2S then thought about what was happening at each stage and how the excitement builds up in the story.

Our next task was to think about how different percussion instruments can help to put across a particular feeling. A loud drum may make the listener think of danger. The simple sound of a triangle suggests happiness.

The Class 2S pupils are now learning how to play their Goldilocks composition in the correct sequence. We are hopeful of staging a short performance later on in the term to share our work.

Class 2S

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