Orange Class Maths

Orange Class have been learning how to sequence numbers in the correct order during our recent maths lessons. Most of the children now feel comfortable when working with single digits on the number line. We have now advanced this work to include numbers from 11 – 20.

The children have completed an exercise asking them to cut out the different numbers and then stick them in the correct order on the number line. Once this was complete we then asked the children to write the numbers underneath. Plenty of adult encouragement was given with the children being asked to read out their number lines, and then self-correct where necessary.

We have also looked at the connection between pairs of numbers such as 1 and 11, 2 and 12 or 3 and 13. The children have been seeing that a jump of ten takes place each time on the number line.

Our maths work in Orange Class will soon start to look at one digit addition.

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