Purple Class Counting

The Purple Class children have started the new summer term at Turney School with plenty of activities to help with our counting skills. We are keen for all of the children to be able to count from one to ten. Another strong theme is to be able to make a physical connection to each number: if we have five apples, what does this actually represent?

Plenty of lively whiteboard games have been shared to help the Purple Class children with this task. We ask the class members to make a free choice for a game when it is their turn to use the whiteboard. Encouragement is given from teaching staff to help complete a counting task.

This work is continued during the individual table work activities in Purple Class. The pupils are presented with a number of different objects to count and explore. These include their favourite animals, airplanes or beanbags.

Later on in the term we will start to introduce the concepts of more or less during out class counting sessions.

Purple Class

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