Class 1M English

Class 1M

Class 1M have been learning about rhyming words during our current literacy lessons. The pupil have been seeing how words that rhyme often have a similar sounding ending.

Different table activities were then set up to help explore this learning further. Some students were set the task of matching different words that rhymed. Guidance was given about the techniques that we could use. It is important to think about the sound that we can hear at the end of each word. An example is tree and bee – both have an ee sound, as so we can say that they rhyme with each other.

Plenty of repetition and sounding of words was used throughout this exercise. Words were broken down into individual letters, e.g. P-E-N and H-E-N. The pupils then wrote a complete sentence underneath picture describing what they could see: “This is a bee.”

We finished this rhyming activity by reading the words without the help of having a picture to identify.

Class 1M

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