Class 3E Athletics Video

Class 3E are preparing for a summer of athletics by learning new techniques to help us with both track and field. A recent PE lesson looked at how we can all improve our javelin throwing technique. Turney School has a selection of different javelin resources. These range from some soft foam javelins, to some heavier plastic javelins that have a rubber end.

Mr. Jones introduced the session by showing Class 3E two of the most important skills that we need to be able to succeed. It is important to throw the javelin at a high angle rather than straight or towards the ground. We also need to keep a straight arm and not launch the javelin with a bent throwing action.

With these two skills mastered, we then introduced a little movement into the session. Mr. Jones demonstrated how a short three step run up could give us a little more momentum ahead of throwing. Class 3E finished off the PE session with a mini-javelin tournament. You can watch a short video of this below.

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