Jack Petchey Award

Jack Petchey Award

Our weekly Achievement Assembly at Turney School gives the opportunity for some of the older students to help out and take responsibility. Cedric helped out Miss Handa with a recent assembly. This is a great opportunity for the pupils towards the top end of the school to lead by example.

A key part of the assembly is to hand out achievement certificates. These reflect high attendance records and overall positive work at Turney School over the past week. A Turney School blue certificate signifies five days of full attendance and a positive attitude to learning. Miss Handa was pleased to see plenty of blue certificates being awarded.

The Star Class of the Week trophy was then awarded. Class 1M and Class 2S both had a full house of blue certificates. Miss Handa spoke of how each class member should feel proud as to what they have achieved over the past week. It was decided by the teaching staff that the trophy would be shared between the two classes over the course of the coming week.

Star of the Week

We finished off our Achievement Assembly with an incredibly special award. We are very proud at Turney School about our relationship with the Jack Petchey Foundation. The organisation makes grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people. The Foundation exists to raise the aspirations of young people, to help them take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society.

Each term we award a special Jack Petchey certificate to one pupil at Turney School who has made an extra special effort in outstanding work and achievement. A student from Class 1M was honoured with this award. This is a decision that is made by the Turney School pupil Council.

The award winner will receive a cheque for £200, which will then be spent within Class 1M. We help the pupils to organise a special trip or event to celebrate the achievements of their class friends.

A previous winner has been Nicky from Class 3E. You can listen below to Nicky explaining how proud he feels to be able to achieve such a high standard of learning at Turney School.

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