Y11 Work Experience

The Class 11 students at Turney School have recently completed a varied and successful work experience week. We were able to place the young adults in a number of different work situations within the local community. These included Lambeth College, a local Post Office, a nearby cafe and a Nursery close to Turney School.

This was a full five-day week of work experience. We tried to place the pupils in a situation that would suit their own skills and possible future plans. A large part of this learning is to also allow the students to feel safe and confident within the community as they start to explore future plans for when they leave Turney School.

We received great feedback from both employers and the students. The Class 11 students returned to Turney and shared their experiences. We have learnt many new skills and gained an insight into what life might be like when it is time to move on from our school. You can listen to one of the students describing her work experience week in the podcast below.

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