Class 3E History

Class 3E

Class 3E have been researching some famous historical figures as part of our humanities work. The students started off this work by looking at some of the leading English historical figures.

We have researched the lives of William Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale and Winston Churchill. The pupils have used the Turney School timeline to locate these famous figures in historical context.

Our historical research in Class 3E has now shifted focus to other countries. The pupils are undertaking a detailed research project learning about the life of the great American inventor and writer Benjamin Franklin.

We have been learning about many of his inventions such as bifocal glasses, the lightening rod and the wood stove. Each pupil has completed a comprehension worksheet to show our knowledge of Benjamin Franklin.

The next stage of this work will include some independent research. We have asked each pupil to think of three key questions that they would like to research. We will be using the Turney iPads to help us with our work, before putting together a brief presentation.

You can listen to a couple of the Class 3E historians explaining more about their work in the podcast below.

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