Class 3H Music Video

Class 3H have been exploring many different themes as part of our continued music learning at Turney School. A recent session included music and movement, rhythm and changing musical tones.

We started off our lesson with a gentle sensory exercise to help the students feel settled ahead of the learning. Some peaceful classical music was played whilst we gave the Class 3H pupils some sensory resources to explore.

Brightly coloured fabrics were made available on the table. The pupils took it in turns to wave around a special wand with some fabric strands attached. We gently moved the wand around the table and over the heads of our friends.

Each class member was then welcomed to the music lesson with the sound of a drum. We welcomed our friend sitting next to them by tapping out the correct number of syllables on the drum.

Hell-o Sam

Our main learning was to look at sliding musical scales. The pupils were shown a recorder and a slide flute. We compared and contrasted how these two similar instruments are able to make a sound.

The pupils then explored the musical tubes and a glockenspiel. The task was to arrange each tube or individual note on the glockenspiel in the correct musical sequence. We talked about the relationship between size and sound.

Class 3E

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