Class 3H PE

Class 3H

The new Class 3H pupils have been demonstrating some good teamwork during our recent PE lessons. This is the first time that some of the pupils have been taking part in a secondary school PE session.

Mr. Jones started the lesson by talking about the expectations that we have for all pupils at Turney School during PE. We need to get changed as quickly and as sensibly as possible. This then gives us all more time to learn and enjoy the PE activities.

Class 3H

Class 3H will be learning some basic PE skills and techniques ahead of playing some more advanced games. The pupils have focussed on how to catch a ball with two hands and how to use this skill when playing games with friends. We have also added into this routine various running skills to help make us all round better athletes.

The pupils were shown the ideal position we need to adopt ahead of catching a ball. Mr. Jones demonstrated how we need to anticipate a ball arriving by standing with our legs apart and both hands cupped ahead of catching the ball.

Class 3H

We split this activity up with two different teams practicing throwing and catching a ball to a team member. The challenge was to complete ten consecutive catches without dropping the ball.

Class 3H will be incorporating these skills to help play various team games as our PE learning continues.

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