Green Class PECS

Green Class

The Green Class pupils have been working hard on reaching the individual communication targets that we have set for each child. A structured learning programme is in place for each class member. Much of this work is supported by the dedicated Turney School Communication Team who have been using their knowledge to help improve each class member.

We are reading the From Head to Toe book as part of this exercise. This is a story about different animals that all of the children are familiar with. It is the ideal piece of text to then explore and encourage greater communication from each pupil.

Green Class have been making great use of the Picture Exchange Communication System to describe what is happening in the story. This is a resource that allows the pupils to match up their thoughts with meaningful communication.

We have asked class members to use PECS to describe what they can see in the book. An example might be: I can see a giraffe with a tall neck. Each word has a corresponding PECS image to help with this task.

The Communications Team have encouraged Green Class to also use PECS when requesting any resources. Each child has produced a colourful collage depicting a penguin from the story. PECS was used when an item such as some glue or a pair of scissors were required.

Green Class

Green Class

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