A Busy Term Ahead in Red Class


Red Class have many different learning objectives across the Turney School curriculum throughout the autumn term. In literacy we will be reading Walking Through the Jungle. The children will be thinking of the sounds that the different animals make, and then using these to recognise each animal. We will also be seeing how animals can be identified by looking at the environment that they live in.

Red Class will be using plenty of music to help with this activity. We already have some class farmyard favourites such as Old MacDonald and Animal Boogie. Role-play will also form a large part of this learning.

Our maths work for the new term in Red Class will cover number recognition, exploring shapes and stacking and joining different objects together.

We will be looking at the subject of ourselves during science lessons. The children will be introduced to the idea of the five senses and our different body parts.

Geography learning will require the Red Class pupils to think of the different ways in which we travel around the world.

A busy term ahead in Red Class!

Red Class

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