Achievement Assembly & School Choir

Turney School Choir

Our weekly Achievement Assemblies in the secondary school at Turney School have started once again for the new school year. Each Monday all KS3 and KS4 pupils come together to celebrate the proud work that our friends have produced over the past week.

Helping out Miss Handa during a recent assembly was Glenys. We like to involve the students as much as possible and to give responsibility to the elder pupils at Turney so that they can set an example.

Miss Handa asked the pupils to remind the assembly how many consecutive days of attendance and outstanding work we all need to produce in order to receive a Turney School Blue certificate. A full week of five days of fantastic work will lead to this special honour.

The certificates were handed out and we all applauded the students who were able to achieve this outstanding level of learning. Miss Handa then gave advice and encouragement as to how all pupils at Turney School can be rewarded with a blue certificate during future assemblies.

We were delighted to see that both Class 11 and Class 10M had a full house of attendance over the past week. Class 10M were presented with the Star Class of the Week trophy in recognition of this.

The Turney School Achievement assembly came to a close by singing Happy Birthday to Bradley ahead of his big day later in the week. We closed the assembly with an enthusiastic rendition of our proud Turney School song.

Turney School Choir

Following the assembly, Miss G had been continuing to lead the weekly Turney School Choir sessions each Monday morning. All secondary school pupils are invited to attend.

The aim is to improve our singing and signing skills. Music is an incredibly important subject at Turney School as it is inclusive and helps all pupils with their communication skills. Plus there is also a considerable emphasis on having plenty of fun!

We started off a recent choir rehearsal with a physical warm up. The Choir was invited to stand up and then go through a series of stretches to make sure that we were all ready for some lively singing.

The choir were then ready for the their first song – a simple clapping exercise that then built in some more complex marching rhythms until a lively routine was in place.

We divided the Choir into two, and then performed this exercise singing in the round. Each group started off the routine at a slightly different time. This is a theme that we continued whilst we sang Frere Jacques. Staff member Debbie was on hand to help out with her superb signing skills.

Miss G then introduced a new song that the Turney School Choir will be learning throughout the first few weeks of the autumn term. As the name suggests, I’ve Got a Body explores our different body parts and the functions that they help us with.

The Monday morning choir session came to a close with a wonderful rendition of What a Wonderful World.

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