Yellow Class Forces and Movement Work

Yellow Class

Yellow Class have shown a great understanding during the early stages of our very challenging new science topic. Forces and Movements is the area of scientific learning for the autumn term.

In particular the Yellow Class pupils will be learning how to identify if a force is a push or a pull. We also want to demonstrate how everyday objects can be moved by either a push or a pull, and to see how these two forces can affect the movement of everything around us.

The Yellow Class pupils started this learning with a very practical exercise. We set up a number of different resources on the class table and asked the children to try and find a push or a pull in any of these objects.

Examples included tearing a piece of paper, using a clothes peg or threading a piece of string through a cotton reel. We asked the children each time to think about the movement taking place, and whether this was a push or a pull.


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