Blue Class Learn the Creation Story


Blue Class have been learning about the Creation Story as part of our religious learning. The children have looked at the Christian belief in how God created the earth in seven days.

We started off our learning with a class discussion. We asked the children questions such as how was the earth created, and who might have created it. The Christian viewpoint was then explained. We looked at the understanding of how God created different forms of life on different days.

Each Blue Class member then completed a worksheet. The aim was to understand the correct sequence of activities as part of the Creation Story. The pupils were presented with a sentence showing the seven different days of the week and the corresponding task. These were jumbled up in the incorrect order.

We asked the children to cut out the statements, and then re-order them in the correct sequence. Pictures were then added to explain what is taking place on each day. You can listen to a Blue Class member proudly reading out his work in the recording below.


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