Purple Class Autumn Term Activities


Purple Class have been using the Turney School iPads to help with their hand-to-eye co-ordination skills. The iPads are the perfect piece of technology for this activity. They require the children to be able to navigate around the screen using their hands, as well as having plenty of colours and sounds to explore.


Each iPad in Purple Class has a number of apps installed that the teaching staff have carefully selected. Some of these have the aim to stimulate sensory learning through music. Another favourite in Purple Class is the Lego app which helps the children to build their own models.


We are also using music to help the Purple Class children with their literacy work. Our current class reading book is Walking Through the Jungle. Our learning intention is for the pupils to name and identify all of the animals in the story. We have been thinking about the sounds that each animal in the book might make, and then acting these out.


Finally we are pleased to report that the first half of the autumn term has been a great settling in process for all of the Purple Class pupils. The children have all contributed to a special My Class Friends book that we have created. This includes photos and a few words all about our new class friends.


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