Singing & Signing Assembly


Work has started early as we prepare for the Turney School Christmas Concert. Miss G has been leading the weekly singing and signing assembly by introducing some of the festive songs that we will be performing in front of parents and carers in a couple of months time.

Jingle Bell Rock is proving to be an early favourite. Miss G explained how some parts of the song need to be sung loudly; other parts are softer and require a quiet singing voice. Miss G helped the Turney School Choir members to recognise where these changes need to take place.

The pupils then had the challenge of learning the words and signs for a couple of new Christmas songs. Christmas Recipe describes the different ingredients that make a wonderful Christmas. We started off by reading the lyrics and asking the children what they might mean. We then listened to the music for the song as Debbie demonstrated the signs. Finally we attempted our first singing of Christmas Recipe.

Similar work will continue over the coming weeks during our singing and signing assemblies. We are confident of putting on another celebration of Christmas that will get to showcase the different talents of all the pupils at Turney School.

Mrs Adams then congratulated the Turney School Choir for their efforts throughout the singing and signing assembly. Miss Tovey then started off the new week of learning at Turney School by introducing the idea of our Praise Postcards. These will be awarded at the end of each lesson to any student who is able to demonstrate an outstanding level of learning. The teaching staff will write a short comment to explain why the postcard has been presented.

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