Class 1R Christmas Preparations


Class 1R have been preparing for the Turney School Christmas production with some dedicated rehearsals during our class music sessions. Each year group at Turney School will be singing a song as part of the Christmas Recipe concert. Class 1R have been chosen to sing The Brightest Star in the World. Miss G and Debbie have been working with the children to help them with the words.

We have also enjoyed singing Jingle Bell Rock in Class 1R. This is one of the songs that the whole school will be performing during the concert. It contains some great signing actions such as ringing the jingle bells. This is a wonderful inclusive activity that all of the Class 1R children can feel part of.

We have also played some musical games during our recent lessons. I See, I Hear is currently a Class 1R favourite. The children are each given a communication card with the sentence: I hear.

Miss G then hides in her office and plays an instrument. The children are asked to make a choice form the selection of words placed in front of them. I hear… a drum? A gong?

The children have also been feeling the instruments. We have seen how a gong makes a vibrating sound when it is hit loudly.

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