Class 2S Science Observations


Class 2S have been learning how to distinguish between solids and liquids during our science lessons for the autumn term. The pupils have been examining a number of different matter, and then seeing how we can identify and classify these by looking at their properties.

We started off this learning by looking at food. Our observations have now been extended to include other objects such as wood and rocks. Each class member has completed a worksheet showing how we can sort solids and liquids. We have encouraged Class 2S to ask questions such as:

Can we drink this?

Can we pick it up?

Can we bend it?

Can we change it to become a different shape?

This work has also asked Class 2S to add some adjectives to the solids or liquids that we have been looking at. We have been talking about concepts such as hard or soft, and asking how these two words differ.

Our science work in Class 2S will progress so that the pupils can start to think about what we might use a particular solid or liquid for. An example could be bricks – a solid that we use to help build houses with.


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