Orange Class Literacy & Sensory Room


Orange Class have been reading The Pig in the Pond as our main literacy learning for the second half of the autumn term. We have been using the story to help the children sound out some of the words and to make the connection with the phonic sounds that we are learning.


The Pig in the Pond is a very funny story all about some farmyard characters who end up getting very wet. Orange Class have enjoyed learning about some of the scenes in the book.


We have used two main learning resources to help the children understand the sequence of the story. One group has been working off a version of the book that contains pictures. We have asked the children to describe what they can see and to understand how this fits into the overall story.


A higher level ability group have been reading a version of the book that contains Communication in Print symbols. The children can see the picture for each word, as well as the spelling underneath. We have been reading out the story of The Pig in the Pond together.


This work has also helped the Orange Class children with their writing skills. Each pupil has completed an over-writing sheet with some of the important sentences in the story being repeated.


Some of the pupils have also created some speech thoughts. This is where we draw a speech bubble above one of the main characters, and then ask the children to build their own sentence and write down what the character might be saying.




Elsewhere around Orange Class and we have been using our regular sensory room time to hep with our maths learning. This is a very colourful and soft, safe place in which the primary school children can play. We have asked the children to complete a number of tasks whilst playing. These include counting the number of times that we can roll the big ball, counting the number of stairs that we climb or the number of small balls that we can thrown back into the pit.

Great fun, as you can see in the brief video below.


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