Class 11 Speech Writing and Delivery

Speaking and listening skills have been the main objectives for Class 11A as we approach the end of the autumn term at Turney School. A number of warm up activities take place at the start of each lesson to help focus our minds on the challenging tasks ahead.

We usually start our learning by watching the News Bite video report. Questions about some of the news stories are then asked. Recent news stories that we have been answering questions on include the proposal to build a tunnel underneath Stonehenge, and increased powers for the Scottish Parliament. Class 11A are encouraged to give a detailed answer to show that they have been listening.

Miss McAdam then asked each class member to choose a random question card. Each question required the pupils to think of a creative answer. They included questions such as what song do you listen to make you feel happy, would you rather be rich or happy, and what piece of technology could you not live without?

An answer is then give by the pupil who has selected the questions. Our friends then get to join in and improve their questioning skills by asking a series of further questions.

With the warm up now complete, our main learning objective for this work was able to begin. We have been looking at films to help Class 11A with their speaking and listening skills. New words have been added to our vocabulary such as genre and plot.

Each pupil has suggested what might be their favourite movie. Questions have been asked as to why these films are so special for us. This work will develop so that each Class 11A member will be able to deliver a speech all about their favourite film. We will be videoing these, and then playing them back. Suggestions will be made as to how we can improve our delivery skills.

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