Preparations for Christmas Concert


The secondary school pupils at Turney School have now completed their first full rehearsal for the 2014 Christmas Concert. The whole school will be staging two performances of a Christmas Recipe on 15 and 16 of December.

This was the first time that the students have run through their show with the backing of live instruments. All of the song lyrics and signing actions have been learnt. Now it was time to replace the recorded music with a piano and percussion section.

Our recent run through also gave the performers access to the stage that will be used for the show. This was a great opportunity for the pupils to see what is needed in terms of voice projection and the delivery of the songs.

Most of the performers are now familiar with the sequence of our Christmas show. Each class at Turney School will be singing their own song. We want the pupils to understand and anticipate when it is their turn to take to the stage.


Miss McAdam has been Directing the show, along with the excellent Musical direction from Miss G, and Debbie’s brilliant signing skills. We have been encouraging the pupils to take responsibility and lead the way when it comes to the many stage directions.

It was great to see the confidence growing during our first rehearsal on the big stage. The many weeks of rehearsal are certainly starting to pay off. Props are gradually being introduced, and soon we will start to think about the costumes.

The two performances takes place at 2pm on 15 and 16 December. All parents and carers of Turney School pupils are of course warmly invited.

We are proud to be able to offer a short selection of some the rehearsal in the recordings below.



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