Yellow Class Food Tech Snacks

Yellow Class are having great fun as well as learning during our new weekly Food Tech sessions. We have invited the Turney Food Tech team to come into our classroom and to help the pupils to prepare a simple snack.

We started off a recent session by anticipating our work ahead by playing What’s in the Box? A large box containing the ingredients for the session are contained in the box. Each box has been carefully wrapped in some material.

We invite class members to come to the front and choose a wrapped item. They are asked to feel the shape and weight of the mystery ingredient, before suggesting what it might be. Our recent Yellow Class Food Tech session saw the box containing some bread, some butter, some jam and some honey.


Communication in Print cards were then presented to the pupils, with two copies for each ingredient. We asked the Yellow Class members to match these pairs up. This helps to reinforce the keywords and ingredients that we will be using as part of our learning.

Preparing a toast snack was the main aim for this session. The pupils were shown the best technique that we can use to spread the butter. We also found out that it is important to judge the right amount of jam or honey to suit our own tastes. Once the spreading was complete, we asked the pupils to carefully cut the toast into triangles.

The final part of our Food Tech work involved an evaluation. We asked pupils to describe what the toast tasted like. Was the jam and honey sweet? Which did they prefer? You can listen to these thoughts in the recording below.

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