New Silver Class Starters at Turney


We are very pleased to welcome some new starters to Turney School with the arrival of the new Silver Class pupils. Seven young children have joined us for the spring term to start their journey of learning at Turney School.


These first few weeks are all about a very gradual transition for the children. We are helping them to understand the structure of the Turney School day. It is very important that each Silver Class child feels happy, comfortable and safe in the new surroundings.


The children have spent their first few days at Turney School having a free choice of the various Silver Class resources. The large transport toys have been a popular choice. There are also other resources such as large letters and numbers to help us with our literacy and maths.


Some of the Silver Class children already have superb letter writing and recognition skills. The teaching staff have been helping them work through the alphabet.



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