Yellow Class Spring Term Activities


Yellow Class have been very busy during the first few weeks of the new spring term. The pupils have been using their ICT time to explore the many educational apps that we have installed on the Turney iPads. These are mainly maths, english and musical based apps. Each pupil is able to select their favourite app, and then explore what task is required.

Our weekly food tech sessions are also continuing in Yellow Class. There is always great excitement when the Turney School food tech team are able to visit us in class. We spent the first session of the new term preparing a tasty cheese sandwich. The Yellow Class children were shown how to safely use a knife to help cut the bread and cheese. We asked the pupils to describe the overall taste of their sandwich and to evaluate how successful the preparation has been.

Finally phonics continues to play a huge role in our Yellow Class learning. Being able to put together various letters to help form new sounds is large part of our literacy learning. Yellow Class have been looking at the sounds made in SAT and PIN as our early work for the spring term.

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