Class 2S Trampoline and Balance Skills

Our PE work in Class 2S for the spring term has been all about balance. This is an essential skill that we need when we are improving our trampolining techniques. A short course was set up in the school gym by Mr Jones. The pupils were asked to make a choice as to which task they could complete. The options were to walk across a plank, walk along a bench, or to walk from one end to the other of an upside down bench.





Class 2S were then ready to progress to the trampoline work. Different achievement targets have been set for each class member, depending on their abilities. The main skill is to feel confident and in complete control whilst we are on the Turney trampoline. This can be achieved by rotating our arms to add extra balance.


Some students have been able to add in various techniques to a short trampoline routine. These include tuck jumps, star jumps and sit jumps.

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