Learning About Musicals in Class 3H

Class 3H have been learning about different forms of musical theatre as part of our music learning for the spring term. We usually start these sessions with a relaxing sensory experience. The pupils listen to some mood music. We add in various materials that the students can then explore.



The class members are then asked to describe the music that we have been listening to. Communication in Print cards are used to help with this process. This hopefully sets the class up with a calming frame of mind for the learning that is to come.

Miss G has been helping Class 3H to be able to identify different form of musical theatre. We have seen that the three common components across all types of musical theatre is music, words and action.

This has then be broken down into genres covering musicals, opera, ballet and plays. The pupils have been watching short video clips from each style to help identify what is unique about each performance. We have seen that a ballet production such as Nutcracker doesn’t include any words. Opera however has Italian singing.

Each class member was then set the challenge to complete a worksheet. We watched three videos. We asked Class 3H to work independently and identify the style of musical theatre that they could see in each video. The session was concluded with a lively class rendition of Consider Yourself, a current Class 3H favourite from Oliver the Musical.

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