Learning about Solar System in Class 2S


Our science learning in Class 2S for the start of the spring term has involved looking at the solar system. We have introduced some new vocabulary to the pupils to help with this task. All class members should now be familiar with words such as orbit, axis and rotation.

The main focus for our learning has been to understand how the earth rotates, as well as to consider how the earth also rotates around the sun. We have seen how day and night are made possible by the rotation of the earth. The connection has also been made with the amount of time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun – 365 days, or a full calendar year.

Class 2S have completed a science worksheet based around these ideas. The pupils have plotted the course of orbit for the earth around the sun. Different parts of the seasonal cycle have been labelled. We have seen that when one side of the earth is closest to the sun, then this part of the world must be experiencing summer time.


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