Plenty of Activities in Purple Class


Purple Class have many different activities to be working upon across the entire Turney School curriculum throughout the rest of the spring term. We are using nursery rhymes in maths to help the children with their counting skills.

Our English work is aimed to help identify and improve the phonic sounds that we need to help us communicate. Purple Class will be looking at animals and different types of transport to help develop some of these sounds.

We have some really interesting map making work planned for the ICT time in Purple Class. The pupils will be creating their own maps on the Turney School iPads. The pupils will be using an app that helps them to construct a map using their own ideas.

This map work will continue around the school as part of our geography learning. Purple Class will be using maps to navigate around the school area. We will be learning how to identify the difference between a straight or a curved line.

Finally the main PE objectives for Purple Class this term are to be able to use the Turney School trampolines safely. A busy time ahead!


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