Silver Class Children Settle In


Silver Class have settled in superbly to the new spring term at Turney School. The teaching staff are incredibly impressed as to the way in which our new learners have adapted so well to the school routine. Plenty of time has been spent during these early few weeks adjusting to the structure of the Turney day. The children now appear comfortable in knowing when we are learning, playing and having breaks.


Some impressive early work has also been completed. Silver Class have been looking at the story of Kofi and the Magic Shaker. This tells the tale about a boy living in Africa who has to adjust to different temperatures with the weather. It is a wonderful opportunity for the Silver Class children to consider ideas such as hot and cold.

We have been making available to the children many different sensory resources to help with this learning. An example is the cold hot pack. The gel inside is naturally cold. When this is heated up in the microwave then the pack can feel warm. The teaching staff have been changing the temperature of the pack, and then allowing the children to experience the changes.





A large physical display of Kofi and his environment is also available. This has been created using different materials. We have asked the Silver Class children to touch the materials to see if they feel rough or smooth.


There is also a large tree and a very friendly spider in the corner of our classroom that has been created. The children have enjoyed touching the different materials to see how they feel.

The Communication, Language and Literacy team is also working with the Silver Class children on their early verbal communication skills. We have been singing Old MacDonald and using the names of the class children to encourage verbal communication skills. The Early Years area now has a fantastic sensory display to help with this learning.









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