Singing and Signing Assembly


Some new songs are being learnt as part of our weekly Sining and Signing assembly for the secondary school children at Turney School. Miss G has been helping the pupils to feel confident whilst singing Stand by Me and Imagine.

After a gentle warm up to get us in the mood for singing, Miss G has then been reading out the words in each song. We have been thinking about some of the ideas in the songs and what the general mood for the music might require.

Communication in Print is used heavily for this learning target. Plus it is great to have Debbie on hand to help out with her signing skills. Miss G also asked for some volunteers to lead from the front with their signing skills for each song.

The assembly came to a close with Miss Tovey presenting the birthday cards for the week. The secondary school children then sung a lively version of happy birthday to John, Michael, Byron and Samuel.

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