Class 10M Music Choice Video

Class 10M have been using their music lessons as an opportunity to help make independent choices. We always start off our lessons with a sensory activity. Some relaxing music is played. The class members are given a variety of fabrics to feel and explore.


Choice cards are then presented to the pupils. These contain Communication in Print symbols with words to describe the music. Each student is given one on one adult support to help complete a simple sentence. Choices are made between concepts such as fast or slow, and calm or scary.


Miss G then introduced a number of instruments for the pupils to hear. A xylophone, a tambourine and some maracas were all placed on the class table. The students were presented once again with a choice card. Once they had completed a sentence communicating what they wanted to play, some individual table time with the instruments was provided.


Finally Miss G played each instrument out of sight from the Class 10M students. This exercise was all about listening. We asked the class members to use their Communication in Print cards to explain what type of sound they could hear.

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