Class 2S Maths Shapes Work


Class 2S have started to look at identifying different shapes as part of their maths learning for the spring term. Some of the pupils have been working with 2D shapes. The teaching staff have helped Class 2S to be able to recognise some of the properties that a shape might have. These include the number of sides or the number of corners.


The pupils have been playing a board game that requires them to be able to identify a number of shapes. The first class member who can complete their card with the correct shape is the winner.


Other groups have advanced this work to look at 3D shapes. Properties such as the number of surfaces have helped the pupils to be able to identify what the shape is. Pictures of 3D shapes have been matched up with actual 3D models. We have encouraged the students to feel the 3D models to help gain a complete understanding of how each 3D shape is different.

Class 2S have also been asked to think of something that we see around us that looks the same as the 3D shapes. Examples include a cylinder looking like a bin, a cube looking like a cardboard box or a cone looking like an ice cream cornet.

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