Class 2S Throwing and Catching Skills

Class 2S have made some progress in their PE work as the pupils continue to improve their catching and throwing skills. A recent session started with a simple warm-up to raise our heart levels. Four different coloured cones were placed in each corner of the school gym. The pupils had to run around the gym in a random direction. When Mr Jones called out a certain colour, the pupils then had to head for this cone. Any pupil that wasn’t quick enough was asked to complete some star jumps with Mr Jones.

The pupils were then warmed up for the main activity. Class 2S have been looking at the skills needed to successfully throw and catch a basketball. We are working towards playing a group game towards the end of the spring term.

Each class member was given a chance to dribble with the basketball. Different starting points were set up using the coloured cones. When the basket was within shooting range, the students were asked to attempt a shot. A simple passing activity with Mr Jones was then added into this activity.

Great fun – as you can see from the video below.

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