Purple Class Play Dough & PE


Purple Class have been having plenty of fun with exploring the class play-dough. The teaching staff have been helping the children to identify different colours, shapes and textures. Cutting skills have been improved using the soft play-dough knives. The children have also been exploring the use of rolling pins and stencils to cut out shapes.




Our recent PE work in Purple Class has seen the children being introduced to the school trampoline. A large part of this learning has been about helping the children to feel confident and safe. All children were initially given adult support on the trampoline. If they felt confident to go solo then the adult support moved a short distance away.

Some of the tasks that were set include bouncing on the spot, as well as being able to bring their bouncing to a sudden halt. Some of the incredibly confident Purple Class children were also able to perform a sitting jump on the trampoline.

Trampoline 16.1 (11) - Copy

Trampoline 16.1 (10) - Copy

Trampoline 16.1 (13) - Copy

Trampoline 16.1 (15) - Copy

Trampoline 16.1 (20) - Copy

Trampoline 23.1 (14) - Copy

Trampoline 23.1 (16) - Copy

Finally we are happy to share some Purple Class photos taken during World Book Day. All of the children came to school dressed as a character from their favourite book. This was wonderful to see. We would like to thank the parents and carers who were able to send the children to school looking so fantastic!



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