Yellow Class Rocket Sandwiches!

Yellow Class are continuing to have some fantastic fun with our weekly Food Tech learning sessions. The Turney Food Tech team have been visiting all primary school classes in their own classroom. This helps the children to access the curriculum in an environment that they feel comfortable in. An overall theme for this term has been to look at shapes that we might be able find in our food.


Yellow Class started a recent session by playing What’s in the Box? Food Tech teacher Miss W introduces a colourful box into the Yellow Class circle. We sing a simple song in anticipation for each ingredient to be revealed. The items are all wrapped up. Yellow Class are asked to think about the size and the shape, and then to make a sensible suggestion as to what each ingredient might be.


Bread, mayonnaise and cheese were all successfully identified during a recent session. Yellow Class were then asked to think about what food they might be preparing, based on the ingredients that were now revealed. The pupils were able to see that a tasty cheese sandwich was on the menu for this session. It wasn’t any cheese sandwich though – this was to be a rocket ship shaped cheese sandwich!


Following instructions from Miss W is an important part of our Food Tech learning. After the pupils had all washed their hands, we then listened to the instructions and followed the actions. The bread was spread evenly with the mayonnaise. The crusts were then cut off. The children carefully unwrapped the cheese slice, and then placed this inside the sandwich.


The final touch was to decorate our rocket with some carrot windows. And then it was time to enjoy our mid-morning snack. Tasty!


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