Class 10M New Science Topic


Class 10M are looking at the concepts of cooling and heating as part of the science curriculum for the summer term. Two aims have been set up here. The first involves exploring our own foods and being able to recognise if they are a solid or a liquid. This work will later develop to see how we can change the appearance of our food and drink by either cooling or heating.

Our early work explored ways in which we can work out if something is food or a drink. The students were asked to think about if we use any cutlery to help us eat. If so then this must be a food. A drink meanwhile is usually in a cup or glass. We can drink this.


Class 10M then looked at a series of pictures involving either eating or drinking. Working together as a class the students were able to sort each picture into either a solid or a liquid category on the class whiteboard.

This work was reinforced with our individual table work. Similar exercises were completed. We asked each time for the pupils to sign out if the item in their picture was suitable for either eating or drinking.

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