Class 11 GCSE Art Preparation


The Class 11 students at Turney School are coming close to sitting their GCSE or GCSE Entry Level art exams. The final mark is made up of a mixture of coursework, plus a ten hour art exam that is spread across two school days.

Sport and exercise is the theme for this year. Class 11 have been producing coursework for the exam since the start of the spring term. Each pupil has their own folder that will be put forward for assessment. Working independently is an important part of this project. Expert adult help is available if the students need some support.

The coursework has been completed using a number of different mediums. These include photographs, painting, collages and print work. Class 11 have used photographs of sporting scenes that they shot themselves around Turney School as the starting point for this process. The images were then used to help build up paintings, prints and collages.

The pupils should now be ready for the ten hour exam that will take place in May. Everyone is looking forward to the end of term Turney School art exhibition where we will have the opportunity to showcase the work that has been created.











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