Class 2S Athletics Video

With the summer term now upon us, Class 2S are focussing upon different athletic sports as part of our PE learning at Turney School. The pupils are already preparing for the friendly School Sports Day that will be taking place later on in the term.


Mr. Jones has been helping Class 2S to think about techniques that will help us to become better and faster runners. The pupils heard how a warm up exercise is very important within athletics. Some light running circuits and some simple stretching got Class 2S all ready for the main learning objective.


Balance and momentum are very important when we are running. Mr. Jones demonstrated how we can use our arms to help achieve both of these aims. A series of short practise sprints were raced so that the pupils could vary their techniques to find what works for them. Class 2S finished off a recent session with a full on class sprint.


The pupils re-capped at the end of the lesson about what they had just learnt. Mr. Jones asked if we had just run a long or short distance? The answer came back as short, and so this must have meant that we were sprinting rather than jogging.


Future Class 2S athletics sessions will see the results for each race being logged by our class friends. We can then use this information to help improve our performance as we count down to the Turney School Sports Day in Class 2S.

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