Green Class Summer Term Activities


Green Class are getting suitably green for the new summer term at Turney School. Plants and growing will form one of our major topics over the coming weeks. The children have started work on reading a couple of books that contain a growing theme: Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip.

This work will take on a very practical nature with regular visits to the Turney School allotments. The Green Class children will also be visiting Brockwell Park throughout the term to see the many plant and flower changes that take place as we enter the peak summer period.

Our science work will focus on the conditions that all plant life need to survive. The children will be seeing how light and water are essential for any plant growth.

Our geography work in Green Class will be related to our science trips. If we are planning on walking to the allotments or Brockwell Park then we need to know the directions! Green Class will be using the school iPads to help map out a suitable route to help us get around our community.

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