Purple Class Summer Term Learning


Purple Class have started to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears as our main class book for the start of the summer term. The children have been using the class whiteboards to write down what are the main events that take part in the story.

The teaching staff have introduced to the children plenty of puzzles that involve the main characters. The learning intention is to help to identify the different characters and to know what their names are.


Our science work in Purple Class will also make use of the Goldilocks story. The children will be learning how to make porridge. We will be thinking about how the three bears liked their porridge – lumpy or smooth, or sweet or plain.

The Purple Class children will also be visiting the nearby Brockwell Park to help with the Goldilocks learning. We are looking forward to some drama activities in the park where we can act out some of our favourite scenes from the story.

Elsewhere in Purple Class and our maths work has continued to see improvements in the counting skills of the children. The aim is for each child to be able to count from 1-3 independently. We have been singing the Five Little Ducks song to help with this work.

Finally the children have been practising their handwriting skills. Each class member regularly practises how to write and spell their own name.

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