Summer Term in Silver Class


Silver Class are learning all about the Three Little Pigs story as part of our literacy learning for the summer term. We have been using some very realistic puppets to help put the story across.

The main learning intention is for the children to understand what happens next in the story and to be able to sequence the main events. Symbols have been used to help put across some of the ideas such as big or strong. The teaching staff have helped the children to understand why the houses in the story are all different, and which is the strongest.

The Silver Class children are also putting in plenty of practise to hep improve their character formation skills. Table activities have seen the Silver Class pupils practising writing our their own names.

Our early art work for the summer term has involved designing and painting some colour dogs made out of various recyclable materials. The children really enjoyed choosing which colours to use, and then adding on the facial features of the dogs.








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