Turney School Singing Assembly


Miss G’s Turney School singing assembly is always a lively way in which to start the school week. These are always held first thing on a Monday morning for the secondary school pupils. Everyone arrives for these rehearsals full of energy and ready for the singing and learning ahead.

One of the aims from these choir sessions is to get the minds and bodies all in tune for a week of learning – and hopefully with a smile to! A physical warm up starts the choir practise, and then the pupils are ready for the musical learning.

The Turney Choir is currently learning a new song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Staff member Debbie has been helping the students with the signs that we need for the song; Miss G provides the musical knowledge.

A similar uplifting song then followed when the choir sang What a Wonderful World, a Turney School favourite for this school year. The Monday morning session finished with a performance of Imagine. Miss G asked for volunteers to come to the front to help with the signing.

Finally the session came to a close when Miss Tovey handed out the Certificates of Achievement for all the pupils from the past week. This is a colour coded scheme that is based on learning, attendance and having a positive attitude in our close school community.





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