Yellow Class Sandwich Making Video

The arrival of the visiting Turney School Food Tech team is always a weekly highlight in Yellow Class. There is much anticipation as to what we will be making early on a Monday morning.

On the menu for a recent session was a bear sandwich! This was a tasty cheese and mayonnaise sandwich that was styled in the face of a friendly bear. Some cheese crackers were used to add a pair of authentic looking ears for the bears.

Miss W showed the Yellow Class pupils a finished sandwich that we would soon all be making. Questions were asked about the shape of both the sandwich and the cheese biscuit ears.

The ingredients were then introduced with a lively singing of What’s in the Box? One by one, Miss W reveals an ingredient that is wrapped up in a piece of cloth. The children are asked to look at the size and the shape, and then suggest what might be contained inside.

A quick washing of the hands, and then it was time for the practical Food Tech work to start. The children were asked to follow the exact instructions as Miss W showed us step by step how to make the tasty sandwich bear.

Finally it was time for the favourite part of Food Tech for everyone – time to taste what we have made! The bear sandwiches were enjoyed by all of the children.





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